Anti Acne Package

Dr Simrat Sandhu provides various healing treatments for stubborn acne breakouts and scars, including a Strong hygiene Regime, Peels, Micro-needling PRP, and Dermafuse treatment. Treatments at Dr Simrat Sandhu’s clinic are highly affordable with quality and safety assurance.

  • Robust hygiene Regime- Educate clients about Proper grooming and healthy personal habits, their good health, which includes Diet Instructions and the Do & Don’t.
  • Peels- used to reduce acne marks, discoloured skin and scars.
  • Micro-needling PRP – heals scars and reduces signs of ageing.
  • Dermafuse treatments- hydration, brightening, collagen boosting and smoothening.

So, we have a good package for our clients to get relief from these skin problems and have a rejuvenated look. Packages are also available for men.