Acne Scar Reversal

It’s considered one of the Best Acne Scars Treatment in Amritsar. Micro-needling RF encourages collagen production, which leads to acne scars start healing. Then we have Micro-needling with PRP, which boosts the growth factors in the skin. Best Acne Scars Treatment in Amritsar So that the skin starts healing. Then we have peels to reconstruct the superficial layer of the skin as we have superficial peels and medium deep peels used to treat wrinkles, discoloured skin and scars. External threads for improving acne scars encourage collagen growth in the skin’s surface layers and smooth out the texture.

A series of 3-5 treatments is recommended, separated by six weeks for optimal results. A maintenance treatment every 6-8 months is recommended for continual collagen improvement. Best Acne Scars Treatment in Amritsar So, we have a good package for our clients to get relief from these skin problems and have a rejuvenated look. Packages are also available for men.