Yes. Laser hair removal is a non-invasive medical procedure. It is safe (even in pregnancy). Slight redness and swelling of the treated area occurs in some patients but lasts for half an hour. A laser is an intense source of light that produces heat. Its target is melanin in the hair shaft. The wavelength (810nm) of Asclepion Laser Technologies MeDioStar Diode laser is attracted mostly to the melanin. The light is pulsed for a fraction of a second and the heat is then pulsed (60° to 70° C) into the hair’s melanin. The chilling tip of the MeDioStar laser hand piece runs at -2° to -4° C that protects the epidermis (the outer portion of the skin).It is a good idea that the cold compression with ice pack during the treatment is very safe

A tan is damage to the skin. When it is damaged it creates “tan” or color. This is “melanin” that deposits in the skin. The laser is attracted to that melanin means more damage to skin. So the energy of the laser must be reduced to accommodate a tan. Therefore the patient may require more treatments than someone without a tan. To have a more effective treatment it would be better to not have a tan. But not to worry as the technology in the MeDioStar laser allows the skin to be cooled effectively to not traumatize the “tanned skin”

First of all the hair should be shaved from the area to be treated if there is still hair visible. Then apply a thin layer of clear cold gel then Laser is compressed into the skin and the treatment begins. Laser pulses are directed at the hair bulbs.

Not too much but some patients describe it as a slight uncomfortable pinching or stinging sensation for few seconds when the pulse of laser is delivered. No local anesthesia or pain relief medication is required. The first treatment is usually more uncomfortable.

Yes. Treatment works most successfully on hair that is light brown to black. Grey or thinner hair does not have enough melanin for the laser to absorb. Laser hair removal reducing 20-30% of hair volume with each treatment and that reduction is permanent.

The efficacy of the treatment will depend on several factors like the amount of melanin in the hair, the depth of the hair in the skin, Thickness of the hair, color of the skin and abnormality of the body and its severity. Hair grows in continuous cycles. The anagen or growth phase of hair contains the largest amount of melanin and this phase is the laser’s target. From scientific studies we understand that any area contains a maximum number (20-30%) of hair in anagen phase at one time. So, only these hair are affected by each treatment. Most patients will require an average of 10-12 treatments. But some patients with Fine hair and dark skin may require a high number of treatments. If you suffer from a hormone imbalance your treatments may be ongoing. To have effective treatments it is imperative that it should be sequenced. Every patient has different expectations of hair loss. Some may be happy with 50-60% loss and may want to discontinue and others want to continue until they reach their maximum loss of 70-95%. No one will ever be 100% hair free

Laser hair removal is non-invasive and faster procedure. Threading, plucking, waxing, and use of depilatory creams are all temporary methods that have to be repeated frequently. Electrolysis on the other hand can eventually offer long lasting results, but it is a painful, invasive, and tedious process. Laser can treat hundreds of hair follicles at a time and therefore treat an area in seconds where it would take threading, plucking, or electrolysis an hour or so.

The Laser is pulsed (turned on) for a few milliseconds, emitting a beam of light on to the skin. The light energy passes harmlessly through the skin, but is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) located in the hair follicle and hair shaft. By absorbing this laser light energy the hair follicles are getting heated up to 60° to 70° C. That thermal damage causes necrosis of papilla and permanent destruction of the hair in anagen phase or growth phase and the hair falls out.

Yes, as long as the skin is intact. If the skin is open anywhere you must use an antibiotic ointment on the open spots to avoid infection.

There is no age limit but hair should be black because the laser affects melanin in hair only when they are in the growth phase. All ages can benefit as long as they understand the process and possible side effects.

You should not have much hair to manage. If you need you can shave or trim. It is the most effective way to maintain hair in-between treatments. Please do not wax or pluck

Waiting time may vary with individuals. The general guideline is 3-4 weeks interval for full face and neck and 4-6 weeks for entire body. But interval time can be increased after 5-6 regular treatments.

There are no restrictions. Lasers can remove hair from all parts of the body including the face, legs, arms, underarms and back. Sensitive areas like upper lips, chin, nipples, underarms and bikini line can also be treated.

Anyone who has hair that is light brown to black. The Asclepion’s MeDioStar Laser allows patients with any skin color to be treated safely and effectively.

Please stop threading, plucking, waxing, bleaching, electrolysis and use of depilatory creams at least 4 weeks before starting the Laser hair removal and try to avoid sun exposure. Having roots of hair is essential to have a successful treatment. The best way to manage hair before treatment is to shave or trim. The day of your treatment the hair will need to have been freshly shaved.

If you have recently thread, plucked, waxed and depilatory creams are used or had electrolysis within the last 2 weeks then it is not the right time to start the laser treatment. You should wait till regrowth

We are charging per sitting and the cost will depend on the area to be treated and the number of sittings that will be required. Charges for treating full body are decided at the time of counseling. Our charges are very less than the western countries

Soothing creams are applied to reduce the redness and swelling. Sunscreen lotions should be applied on the treated areas and to avoid sun exposure is always a good idea. Presently treated hair will grow up slowly and will shed off after 12 to 15 days. A next sitting can be given after one month. In between sittings you should not wax or pluck your hair, but shaving is allowed because an intact hair is required to carry the laser energy to the hair follicle.

Laser hair reduction works very well for all the patients. But unfortunately some people with thinner hair or dark skin may not respond at all. This cannot be determined until 4-5 treatments. If you attend all sessions as suggested you will obtain 70-95% permanent hair reduction. No one will ever be 100% hair free. The only 100% guarantee in life is death

Possible Side Effects of the procedure depends on color complexion and sensitivity of the skin Side effects are as follows:-

(a) Discomfort: Some patients feel mild to moderate discomfort during treatment.
(b) Redness: There may be redness immediately after treatment for half an hour or so.
(c) Swelling: There may be swelling in sensitive areas such as lips, cheeks, chin, bikini line and underarms for an hour or so.
(d) Blistering or Black spots: This is very rare and goes within a week
Note: – All possible side effects are temporary and goes within a week. Safety Note: – During this treatment the practitioner will use a small hand piece to touch your skin with flashes of light. Safety eyewear must be worn to protect your eyes from the light generated by the laser and IPL machines

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Dr. Simrat Sandhu personal will be happy to discuss the procedure with you. Laser hair removal is a Non-Invasive Medical Procedure that is designed to permanently remove unwanted body hair by using the light energy from a laser. This procedure is for both women and men, please feel free to make an appointment for a private free consultation to discuss your specific needs.

The actual process is very simple. First of all the area of treatment will be shaved and cleaned up, and then a thin layer of cold ECG Gel will be applied on the area to be treated. The practitioner will adjust the settings of MeDioStar Diode Laser to give proper energy according to your skin type for the most effective treatment. Then hand-held applicator will be placed on the area to be treated and a flash of laser light emitted from the applicator. The operator then continues to move the applicator over the entire area to be treated, flashing a new area every few seconds. The time of treatment session is depending on the size of the area to be treated. The degree of discomfort experienced varies with each person, depending on the sensitivity and pain threshold.

With every treatment hair will be permanently removed but only which are in its anagen phase (active growing phase). Human hair is not always growing. Hair in their active growing stage will die and fall out in 10 to 14 days after the treatment. Depending on which body part we are treating, we will wait 3 to 5 weeks for your next treatment. This period corresponds with the human hair growth cycle and allows a maximum amount of the remaining hair to move into the anagen phase, so that your next treatment removes the maximum amount of hair. Therefore, most clients will need 10 to 12 or more treatments to achieve significant results. Laser hair removal results depend on abnormality of the body and several other physical conditions, including hair color, skin color, hair thickness, hair density and mainly what equipment is being used for the purpose. All these factors should be evaluated by your practitioner before treatment to get the best results without side effects.

How does laser work. A laser is an intense source of specific light energy that produces heat when it is absorbed by the Melanin (black hair). The 810nm wavelength of Diode laser can transfer its high energy harmlessly through the skin and that high energy reaches to the hair follicles at deeper levels (2 to 3mm deep in the skin). Melanin bearing hair (Black hair) is the most attractive target for laser energy. Presently black hair shafts & follicles absorb that light energy generated by the Laser and turned into heat. The light is pulsed for fraction of a second and the heat reached up to 60° to 80°C in the melanin of hair shafts. That heat (thermal effect) damages the papilla and surrounding cell layers permanently, which are responsible for hair production. At that time hair present in anagen phase or growing phase will be dead and falls out after few days and never grow again for life. This is the magic of MeDioStar Diode laser. This is a safe procedure. Laser hair removal is very safe (even in pregnancy) because technically 810nm wavelength of Diode laser is attracted only to the melanin and heat up black hair shafts in the skin only (2 to 3 mm deep in the skin). Deeper body parts can’t absorb this energy. Slight redness and swelling of the treated area occurs in some patients but last for half an hour. The procedure is not painful but some patients describe it as a slight uncomfortable pinching or prickling sensation for few seconds when the pulse of laser light is delivered. Each pulse of the laser takes less than one second, so, any discomfort that you may feel is only for very short periods. No local anesthesia or pain relief medication is required.

The results of the laser hair removal treatment are dynamic and permanent. But laser permanently remove only at presently growing black hair (in Anagen Phase). But human hair growth could not be 100% at a time. Hair grows in phases and laser can kill them accordingly because inactive and white hair does not absorb the laser energy. The results of the laser hair removal treatment vary individually, that based on physical conditions mainly imbalanced hormones and genetic disorders. Some medications like birth control pills, hormones and anabolic steroids can also affect the treatment results.

Results of laser hair removal treatment depends on so many physical conditions, like abnormality of the body and its severity, age, obesity, color complexion, thickness of the hair, amount of melanin pigment in the hair, density or number of presently growing hair and number of remaining inactive hair follicles. Best results occur in people with fair complexion and dark thick hair ’’GORI CHAMRRI KALE WAAL” hair laser hair removal works better on coarse hair rather than fine hair.

We observe variation of the results in different age groups of the patients. The age group of 35 plus get better results than teen agers and older than 50 with black hair gets best results. But grey hair could not absorb the laser energy so there is no treatment for grey hair.

For Best results the most important is what type of laser equipment and parameters are being used.